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Chesterfield 161 - A.F. & A.M.

This page will have a copy of our latest organization newsletter. We will update the page each month.

"From the East"

Monthly message from the Worshipful Master -

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The Lodge has made a great start towards a great year for Chesterfield
#161,over 60 masons were present to receive the DDGM last month,thank you
for your attendance and support. Let's do it again this month as I am
designating the March Stated Communication as "Bring a Mason Night". Plan
now to come and bring a Brother with you.

Our road trip to Amelia #101 was a great success as we had15 members of your
lodge visit Amelia lodge had good time.. even with the confusion. Please
plan to join us on our next road trip to Blackstone Lodge #79 on March 8th.
We will be departing the lodge at 5:15pm and dinner will be served at the
lodge at 6:30pm.

I wish to thank all the Brethren for their contribution to the charity
basket last month as it was desingated to start the Scholarship Fund,and
over $100 was collected to start this fund. I am pleased and humbled by your
good will. If anyone is interested in serving on the Scholarship Committee
to make this activity a reality please contact me.

The following services will be made available for you so you may attend
lodge often please take advantage of them as you may need them; if you need
a refresher on the grips,words,due guards and signs let any lodge officer
know and we will assist you; if you need a ride to and from the lodge please
let contact any line officer;also if the meal we are preparing does not
conform to your dietary needs please let me know a day or two before the
meeting and we will make you a meal that will fit your needs.

It is such a pleasure to serve you as Worshipful Master I do not know how
to thank you,but, I can start by thanking Worshipful John Harrell for asking
me to become a line officer. Thank you Worshipful John from the top of my
heart it is the part nearest the Great Architect of the Universe.

Ross E. Brown, Wor. Master

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We may make past editions of the newsletter available for download.